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Using Eco-friendly Energy – Top Good reasons to Use More Eco-friendly Energy

What’s Eco-friendly Energy? Eco-friendly energy is energy that’s created in order that it has a lesser negative effect on our atmosphere than other energy sources that people use like the non-renewable fuels of coal and oil. Greener kinds of energy which are used are solar, wind, hydro-electric, and geo-thermal. Listed here are the very best ten good reasons to become “greener” energy.

Stop strip mining for coal. Strip mining for coal is definitely an ecological travesty. Entire tops of mountain tops and surrounding countryside remain standing bare and naked due to strip mining.

Stop drilling for oil. When we we using more eco-friendly energy we wouldn’t need to drill for a lot more, and all sorts of danger that entails like exploding oil rigs and oil wells that leak countless barrels of fuel oil into our oceans.

Stop spilling the oil. All of the oil that’s spilled in drilling and transportation is tremendously unhealthy for our oceans and shores. Also, oil spills kill numerous seabirds along with other ocean-existence.

Stop buying oil from countries who hate us but like our money. This really is geo-politics 101.

Stop burning coal to create electricity which in turn causes severe polluting of the environment

stop burning oil products (gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil) for transportation purposes which creates poor quality of air.

Using free wind capacity to create electricity cost less.

Using free sun power (solar energy) to produce electricity cost less.

Using free hydro-electric and geo-thermal capacity to create electricity cost less.

Not using our limited planetary sources for transportation and lighting and heating is simply better!

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