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As evidenced in my previous article series Poker struck by tragedy, poker is still haunted by the crime – shootings, robberies and cases of revenge are a reality in underground poker rooms and home games. As far as the police and the authorities responsible for law enforcement want to erase poker with other activities related to gaming culture by focusing on the criminal acts behind them, the World Association of poker has made an effort important not clean reputation and conduct of players of poker with the creation of a code of ethics, mandatory for every member of the association.

Although poker still enjoys the dark imagery, hard and kind of mob-related smoke rooms, threatening players and bold nicknames, the World Association of poker (WPA) has made efforts to reform the traditional poker using his image dark as a simple marketing. strategy.

Since the need for better behavior of poker players has become a gesture of survival for the poker community, a code of ethics was created for each member of the World Association of poker, which will not only separate criminal actors of these, but also protect the reputation of poker in the future.

The code consists of 5 sections, each with more than three clauses that detail the true principles to a serious poker player.

SECTION I: GENERAL PROVISIONS. This section contains nine clauses that in general terms, validate players: play poker with strict professionalism, respect each player’s hand and independent decision on how to play by the rules of each game player are involved, treats everyone poker Place with courtesy, will not express any language or offensive gestures and present a consideration for disabled people in the scene.

Section II: Relations between players. The section emphasizes the respect of players should be displayed, avoid bullying tables or judgment visible with regard to ethnicity, cultural differences and the privacy of hands.

Section III: Relations between players and dealers. This section explains the rules of conduct for dealers, in which the actors must agree to be completely professional and respectful requests and demands of dealers and dealers when they ask for any decision they may make; Players should also refrain from any offensive language or gestures towards dealers. In addition, this section controls the dealers treat players equally and respectfully and enforce rules consistently throughout the match and avoid any kind of controversy between players and to report any inappropriate behavior in the table to a supervisor.

Section IV: Player Relationship Management. This section talks about the importance of maintaining a respectful attitude towards the management of the casino or tournament, keeping a civil behavior in case of disagreement or incident. Players should also refrain from falling foraged or comments against one of the areas of management and to officially report incidents to the tournament director.

SECTION V: External Relations. This section urges players to do a restoration effort of the good name and reputation of the poker community, using the professionalism and respect as assets leading to obtain the respect of the outside world.

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