Printer Technology

The pc printing technology which is used today is far from the thing that was first used in the beginning from the computer age. Most of the older technology is now obsolete, even though they were previously in prevalent use. Other newer print technologies have replaced them and exactly how forward is forever altering as new computer print technologies arrived at the forefront.

Obsolete Printing Technology

As the years have passed and also the computing forces of contemporary day PC’s have altered there’s been an enormous advances within the fundamental printing systems utilized by computers. Paper technologies listed here are now obsolete, but did previously play most within the computer printing industry.


In early area of the evolution laptop or computer printing there have been numerous computer printers which were simply computer-controllable versions of current electric typewriter technology. These computer printers coul “type” quicker than humans at averaged a speed of 15 figures per second.


Probably the most popular computer printers of their time, this kind of printer might be easily interfaced to any or all non IBM computers. Teleprinters were just a little slower than typewriter printers and averaged about ten figures per second.

Us dot-matrix

The initial us dot-matrix printers were very popular computer printers throughout the 1980’s. They could produce not only figures, but additionally images although whether it is of the lower quality. There have been two kinds of us dot-matrix computers available at the moment, namely:

– Ballistic wire printers

– Stored energy printers

Are you aware? Some us dot matrix printers might be upgraded to print in colour. This built them into very popular for office and home use throughout the 80’s.

Modern print technology

There are a variety of contemporary printing technologies which are used today both in office and home printers. Although this list doesn’t include these it will include the most crucial and well-known modern computer printing technology:


Toner printers include both laser printers and Brought printers. Just like digital printers they will use a xerographic printing process.

Liquid inkjet

Liquid inkjet printers print by propelling different sized tiny droplets to the printing surface (paper). This is actually the most typical of modern home and small office printer types.

Solid ink

Solid ink printers will also be known as phase-change printers and therefore are a kind of thermal transfer printer. These kinds of printers tend to be more generally utilized in both office and education environments. They’re particularly proficient at printing on transparencies and non-porous printing surfaces.

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