How to play Spanish blackjack

The Spanish Blackjack game, known as Spanish Blackjack 21 or simply Spanish, is a popular variation of the game with rules that promote the player and offer a chance to get up up to 50: 1 of gains without placing More in-depth bets.

This entertaining blackjack variation offers the possibility of getting massive payments on the hands that the total 21, do things like hitting or doubling after the split of ACES plus a very unique option called “double low rescue”.

The rules of Spanish blackjack

The most obvious characteristic of Spanish blackjack is that it is played with a Spanish bridge, which is a standard 52 cards bridge where all 10 values ​​cards have been removed (10, jacks, queens and kings). If efficiently, you play with bridges of 48 cards, not 52.

By removing these bridge cards (10 and face cards), online casinos are turning in their favor by eliminating the possibility of drawing a natural blackjack.

To make the game always attractive for players, the Spanish 21 presents very unique rules that promote players, for example when players build a hand of 21 points using between 5 and 7 cards, their bet will pay as much as 50: 1.

Considering that no 10-values ​​card is used, it is much easier to form a power of 21 hands with several cards and busts occur less often.

The Spaniard 21 is commonly played with 6 or 8 cards bridges, but it may vary depending on the casino. What is important to emphasize is that, as the number of bridges decreases, the player’s edge increases.

In Spanish 21, players are allowed to split and re-divide the hands even after splitting the Aces. It is also possible to hit / doubling after the split, including after the division of the Aces and the dubbing is not limited to a value of the specific hand.

There is also the possibility of late surrender even after having doubled. If the player chooses to go after doubled, the amount of initial participation is refunded.

However, it is important to highlight that, in this game, the dealer is obliged to hit a soft 17. The involvement of this is important for players, because it effectively increases the advantage of the room of 0.22 %.

Higher payments

All 21 links are won by the players, but as we have already mentioned, a hand paired differently depending on the number of cards used to build this hand.

For example, if you build a 21-point hand with 5 cards, your bet will come back to 3: 2 – like natural blackjacks. The same hand using six cards from 2: 1 and every 21 hands created using seven cards or more to 3: 1.

There are combinations of specific cards offering similar payments. For example, when you build a 21-year hand in value using six, seven and eight or using 3 sevens of mixed costumes, it will pay to 3: 2. When you create this hand with maps of the same costume , the payment is 2: 1 and if it is constructed using Spades, there is a payment of 3: 1 on your bet.

Finally, a convivial hand of Triple 7 is when the dealer up card is also a 7 of 7, will return your bet to a massive 50: 1.

In conclusion, Spanish 21 is a unique and fun version of Blackjack, which presents exceptional rules and payments. Something that makes this game stand out from the rest, it is because, unlike other versions requiring players to pass an additional additional bet for high payments based on high level payments, in the Blackjack Spanish, these payments are available as part of your standard blackjack stake.

Spanish Blackjack is a distinctive version of Blackjack that offers unique blackjack experience, favorable winning chances and attractive payments.

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