Exercise and weight loss – What is natural physical fitness?

What is the natural fitness? Is this fitness that refers to the peoples of origin of the United States?

Is it a reference to your quotient of fitness intelligence? As “applied vs native” of fitness?

Native physical fitness is a term that refers to the physical condition capacity that more than 100,000 generations of humans have provided us with a critical necessity and natural selection. True physical physics that suits our bodies.

What am I talking about? Let’s see how this fitness is evolving about our current trend towards aerobic and sustainable physical health.

The natural fitness is the physical stamina that served our ancestor caverns. This gave them the bursting of speed to escape a danger or capture food. This gave them the energy to repel predators or enemies. It was a power on demand for personal survival and the group.

This physical fitness platform has been refined on innumerable generations to meet the needs of our musculature body and bone structure. It serves our lungs, our hearts and brains to keep the body fit and whole and ready for action. He has evolved more than 100 years of refinement so that our body has worked peak performance effortlessly and ongoing activity.

The caves are not run for 26 miles at a time or jump inside their caves for an hour of perspiration at the rhythm of a drum (the original arrow box). Where do they get physically? I would say that you and I are here, so it’s a testimony of their fitness.

Is a sustained physical effort and / or prolonged aerobic activity, married by today’s physical fitness gurus, better for our muscles, internal organs or bone frames?

Not in all instances!

Medical science is to see that our current trend towards physical routines hurts much more than helping.

Studies have shown that Caveman had fitness capacity to meet instant physical effort requirements. A big heart and enlarged lung ability gave it fuel and energy to reach its limited effort for survival. After this burst of energy, it was followed by a physical activity and not prolonged.

Conversely, today’s riders in many cases have a smaller core to maintain continuous demand, limited, which is placed on prolonged activity. Our bodies become effective and really adapt to the requests we place on. It will retain the ability of the heart and lungs to maintain long periods of effort and reuse muscles, heart and lungs to respond to physical requests placed there.

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